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Music for Teacups – 7″ vinyl record

m4tcb1-smallLimited edition of 100. Signed, Hand screen printed cover – silver on black – 45rpm 7″ vinyl record (small hole) in heavy plastic sleeve with the sounds of Music for Teacups by Haviland and Colagiovanni. Over two years of work collected into this 7 minute recording. Mastered by David McConnell at Thread Audio in Raleigh, NC. Each record comes with a code to watch the full version of Music for Teacups online.

Music for Teacups 7″ vinyl record

Music for Teacups Artist Book and 7″ vinyl record

m4tca-smallLimited edition of 50. 25 ft laser cut, hand assembled accordion book with 7″ vinyl record in custom museum board etched sleeve. Comes in hand sewn black felt lined box with label. Signed and numbered. Produced during our residency at Small Craft Advisory Press in¬†Tallahassee,¬†FL 2012.

Music for Teacups artist book and 7″ vinyl record

Circle of Teacups in B Minor

Recorded Spring 2012. A performance in my studio on a rainy day.
Instruments: Various Teacups, Set of Tuning Forks in the key of B-Minor.
Microphones: Cad Trion Large Diaphragm and Rhode NT1 set up across the circle from each other.
Mastered by Rob Powell.
No Mixing or layering. Recorded in one take.

Composition for Clamped Fire-Bell, Shredders, and Prepared Chord Organs

Recorded Early Spring 2013. Version 2 of an experiment in sound and object. Fire-bell, 8 shredders and 4 prepared chord organs.

Music for shredders and prepared chord organs

Recorded late winter 2013. A small test of a new work in progress. Shredders and prepared chord organs controlled with dmx lighting equipment.

Landscape for Five Prepared Chord Organs

Landscape for five prepared chord organs, 2/13/2013. Five chord organs prepared with wine corks, weights and tape measure controlled through an electronic relay device. Recorded with two large diaphragm microphones. Today, out of the window of my studio, I see a dust of snow on the hills and valleys of my little town.

Chord Organ Sculpture: Test 2 in B flat

Recorded Winter 2013 in my studio. Instruments: 3 prepared chord organs controlled by custom electronics.

Breaking the Drum

Recorded Fall 2012. Sound from the video in progress. An old band drum was destroyed by my good friend Brian Z.

Broken Guitar

Recorded Fall 2012. Sound from the video in progress. An acoustic guitar was destroyed by my good friend Brian Z.